EXPERIENCED HOLDINGS, LLC (EHL) is a certified Prime Administration Management Consulting firm headquartered in Sheridan Wyoming. Our footprint is the Southeastern USA, US Borders & Territories / Caribbean and Pacific. EHL's emphasis is in Green Infrastructure, EV Transportation, Agribusiness and Urban Planning, and Disaster Relief & Recovery. Our consultive concentration is Land Man, Vertical Integration (VI), Project Management, Real Estate, Biome Preservation Services, and Acquisitions.

Debt Structured Management
Creative Solutions For Capital Injection

A Beacon For Mid-Market To Major-Market Capital Injection.

To stay abreast of the fast-paced and ever-changing global capital industry, we constantly examine market changes to stay relevant and competitive to assist our green space clients in growing their businesses. We use integrative strategies, smart tools, algorithms and global resources in order to evaluate the implications of every choice our clients can make; mitigating risk for bottom-line results.

We work with and support public and private businesses using (DSM) for real time solutions using underlying Principal Protection for real estate, bonds, gems, cashed backed instruments, credit enhancements, rapid ratio returns or collateral lines of credit as leverage for project capitalization.

As a bi-product, Experienced Holdings, LLC can structure terms and conditions where capital can be deployed to assist clients and municipalities / quasi-governments in generating capital for project construction. Additionally, we structure capital for redevelopment/ revitalization in the United States, inner cities, US borders and territories, under public and private contracts, land debt working directly with cities, state and International Countries, redevelopment agencies for needed capital development.

Our forward-looking objectives include green expansion of economic growth, sustainable projects and job creation, seamless biome development both domestically and internationally. We assist in the “Green Technology” space for urban infrastructure development. Collaboratively we are forging ahead in sectors that includes sustainable and renewable energy, electric vehicles, aquaponics, hydroponic organic systems and green commercial and residential real estate.

We welcome individuals, businesses, city or state government agencies, and financial institutions alike to contact us to discuss arrangements that fall under their sector of operations to create a mutually beneficial scenario. We pride ourselves on transparency, creativity, and outside the box thinking to accomplish the goals of our team and partners. Please Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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Our mission is global as we support the sustainable renewable energy platform as promoted by “The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and over 180 Countries. Sustainable, renewable energy for a better planet is inclusive of oceanic, solar and wind energy, geothermal, hydropower, and bioenergy. To that end, we have adopted 100% “KINETIC ENERGY” as we race into the future. We work with public, private and quasi-government entities to optimize economic business growth. As senior level executives our consultants have unique and specialized skill sets. We combine traditional and innovative strategies which produce measurable results. Please, consider our, "asset structured management services (ASMS)" as part your consulting team. We are the alternative resource to structure your transactions with optimal ability. Our administrative services include business strategic planning, site selection, medical, record, financial project and general consultive services. We are IRS, DOD, DLA, CAGE Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services Certified. .


Optimal financing is a valuable tool for public and private businesses alike. Good financing helps drive growth when projects get funded. Our strategic valuations addressing the financial needs in the public sector are well noted and documented throughout each undertaking. Transparency and accountability is the hallmark of a successful management project. Under good governance, green technology can prove to be lucrative for all communities. EHL is committed to pledging 80% and more of its resources to green technology for sustainability including “Kinetic energy” in the form of electric vehicles (EV’s). Additionally, we seek to support those designated opportunity zones (OZs) and small communities which have yet to recover from ongoing disasters. EHL participates in the process to speed up the financial delivery systems. We support local municipalities with their disaster relief and infrastructure for complete rural and urban redevelopment.

What We DO

To mitigate risk we have in place the proprietary platform and physical collateral secured by securities in our trust account as well as cash, and stock, with price insurance and or USD equivalent crypto-currency to principally protect any of our client’s public and or private municipal under takings. Our primary areas of interest are Southeastern United states from Texas to North Carolina and America’s boarders and territories’. When it comes to debt structured management (DSM), we provide a reasonable alternative for our principal profit-sharing solutions (PSS). We tailor short and long term structured services providing transparency, experience, expertise and platform help grow your community. We provide consulting for public, private partnership management skills and systems for jobs creation, real time urban expansion, green foot-printing, infrastructure development and transportation sustainable economic energy needs.


Companies are seeking innovative ways to address today’s renewable energy investment challenges. As tax credits and capital gains challenges soar into the trillions; EHL provides the solutions for clients, public and private seeking renewable resources and technologies that drive down energy emissions well in the coming decade. The unknown future is a global event that must be prepared for. With insightful testing tools and systems in place, we can pave the way. Ascribing to the global mandate 2030 plan, Experienced Holdings, its associates and collaborative partners are ‘all in’ and lead the charge for renewable resource without leaving a carbon footprint. Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) 118685183 Unique Entity ID: `Q8KLR6KAMJQ2 CAGE Code Number: 9BQ88 NAICS Primary 541611*111419*531390*624230*541320 Certified with the DOD, DLA, Homeland Security, IRS and US State Department.

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Joe Zhou
Director of Global Equity Investments
Mr. Zhou transfers a wealth of International and domestic knowledge to EXPERIENCED HOLDINGS and is the Director of Global Equity Investments. His vast financial experience allows him to inter-face within the banking and government sectors privately and publicly. Mr. Zhou's unique skill set, tactical out the box concept thinking and business marketing style is essential tools of a managing member. He brings a full array of talents and skills, in professional banking finance, real estate, marketing, import/ export equipment sales, and trade finance. He has domestic and international sector experience in liquefied natural gas (LNG), solar and waste management. Mr. Zhou is well connected, highly respected and successful in personal relations and business marketing. He is a result-oriented communications strategist, experienced in public speaking and presentation development. He has deep media contacts and extensive experience with investor relations globally.

Is the Director of Commercial Real Estate Financing
RICHARD THOMAS, MA, J.D. – has a plethora of experience in the Mortgage Banking , Financial Services, Real Estate Acquisitions and the Commercial Development space. Mr. Thomas is the Director Commercial Real Estate Financing for EXPERIENCED HOLDINGS. His unique skill set has been deployed in strategic management and risk assessment. He has developed and maintained relationships with public/private lenders, investment banks, securities firms, and credit unions. He has specifically structured, negotiated, and underwritten transactions for business, real estate and securities transactions. He has created and drafted loan programs and underwriting criteria. He continually develops, manages and trains on new and existing products & programs for commercial real estate transaction and business acquisition and/or development. He is well adept at structuring and underwriting complex commercial real estate and financial transactions. Mr. Thomas negotiated a third-party origination platform to “white-paper” to a $2 billion dollar Bank commercial real estate loan product with the capacity to originate loans up to $30 million. He placed over $240 Million in senior debt approvals, maintained and established relationships with national & international public& private senior debt lenders and equity investors. Rich Thomas is also an expert consultant, opinion writer and researcher for consumer based public utility issues. Additionally, Rich has worked in the areas of: Federal, State, and Municipal Litigation, Federal and State jury trials, motion practice, and settlement negotiations, litigated contracts, mortgage foreclosure, real estate, zoning, and land use. His transactional expertise includes: business in the areas of Mortgage Banking, Financial Services, Real Estate Acquisitions and Development, Import /Export and Telecommunications.

Director of Finance/ CFO, CPA
Larry Word is a Certified Public Accountant, Director of Finance, and CFO for EXPERIENCED HOLDINGS. Mr. Word has an MBA in management from Mercer University. He has many years of experience in the finance, accounting and tax areas. He has managed the finances of companies with assets above $200,000,000. Mr. Word has also worked in Africa and Belgium. He speaks 3 languages and travels globally for commercial finance. He has served on many company boards and committees and has taught accounting at the University level. Mr. Word owns an accounting firm and oversees individual and corporate income taxes, compilations, reviews and audits for clients.

Ted Cofie, MBA
Director of Global Commercial Sales and Marketing, MBA
Ted Cofie brings to EXPERIENCED HOLDINGS multiple skills and a wide range of professional expertise. He has a Master of Business Administration–Entrepreneurial Management. His senior level sales, public speaking and leadership training skills befits his title of Director of Global Commercial Sales and Marketing. He is a tenacious, strategic and innovative individual with significant senior commercial experience in complex sales solutions in Business Services, IT, Software, FMCG, Consumer Products & Health. He has a strong record of off-shore government experience leading commercial solutions development for PPP/PFI endeavors. Mr. Cofie has a deep understanding of global corporate & government environmental economics and has expertise in affordable housing and is a specialist in global emerging markets. Mr. Cofie is intuitive, proactive and pragmatic, with a dynamic, hands-on approach to leading and motivating high value teams. He has exceptional communication skills, adept to negotiate, motivate, influence and impact stakeholders at all levels. A well notation: Mr. Cofie is a former Professional Boxer (World Cruiser-weight Boxing Champion), TV Presenter and Boxing Commentator.

Director of Underwriting
Ms. Brown, a graduate of UTA with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, she lends her skills as the Director of Underwriting at EXPERIENCED HOLDINGS. She has been engaged in all stages of the sales and development process from introductory meetings, RFP's, final presentation and closing, building credibility in financial transactions. Ms. Brown has over 20 years’ experience working as a financial analyst and development specialist in the Southern California capital markets. She has worked as part of multiple underwriting teams as processor for Forbix Capital, Red Capital, Grace Capital, Nambi Bank and 360 Enhancers. Ms. Brown is experienced in traditional and creative finance coordination facilitating loan origination through institutional, private and governmental lending resources including Freddie Mac, HUD Section 221d, 232, 811 and 202, as well as preparation of investor or other PE related materials. She has also successfully completed CEUs in Financial Modeling and Risk Analysis. Over the course of her career, Ms. Brown has entitled and/or developed over a million square feet of multifamily, mixed use, commercial and health-care-related properties; she has also participated in the co-development of a 120-bed freestanding hospice hospital, and four continuing care retirement communities.

Patrick Bean
Director of Global Project Development
Patrick Bean as is a native born Bermudian and Director of Global Project Development for EXPERIENCED HOLDINGS with international ties to the USA, Europe, South America and the Caribbean Islands. Mr. Bean brings over forty (40) years experience in construction residential and commercial and mix-use development internationally. Mr. Bean has worked on flagship hotel developments, multiple government contracts and has always provided excellent in the public private sectors. He has worked in the construction and development industry, working closely with many Caribbean Governments and "Heads of State". He is professionally adept in all aspects of residential and commercial development and has had direct over site of the day to day construction of schools, bridges, hospitals, marina's, residential and commercial properties and airports. He has worked long terms with large development projects under public private governmental supervision.

James ‘Jim’ Gray
Regional / International Director
Mr. Gray is a international business consultant, Sr. Member and risk assessment adviser (RAA) for EXPERIENCED HOLDINGS. Mr. Gray is the internal liaison for US Government Contracts, business finance, public and private institutional development and works bilaterally with municipalities, hybrid organizations with both government and private sectors status within the USA, its borders' and territories. He his vast knowledge in debt structured management (DSM) and vertical integration (VI), he leads the charge for a level playing field to assist business and municipalities with equity and debt structured investing. He is proficient in creative finance, aquaponics, leveraging, real estate, green sustainable developments, design, planning and disaster relief and recovery.


Expert Guidance

Looking to develop your business community but not sure where to turn for capital? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold steps and making insightful decisions. We work hand in hand to get you there. With years of experience, our professionals, sponsored partners and associates can insure sustainability and job creation.  At Experienced Holdings, we pride ourselves in positively impacting and help shape our client's financial capital model, delivery systems, and management structure for growth and development. We help to transform processes and strategies, and in turn, companies, institutional agencies or municipalities to be more self-sustainable. 

Transportation costs and carbon emissions are concerns that we address with all our clients as we assist them in transitioning to electric powered vehicles and power stations. Whether it calls for restoration or new construction, technologies like insulated concrete forms (ICFs) with 200mph wind integrity and other forms of structural protection are a consideration. Because of the high volume of new industry technology developers and entrepreneurs seeking seamless conversion within the financial framework we have established for those new and emerging marketers a 'Biome Platform". We can aid you by connecting cites and developers inclusively terrestrial and aquatically within the hydroponic and aquaponics new design and residential, mixed-use and commercial building space.

Debt Structured Services

Debt Structured Services

The Experienced Holdings team and collaborative partners and associates are all environmentally conscious and protective of all eco-systems for preservation of smaller carbon footprints. EH’s team of energy ecosystem services, veterans, supply chain management, sustainable utilities and technology integration professionals are recognized for providing leading-edge urban and rural infrastructure solutions for business, government and industry worldwide. At Experience Holdings, we understand, ‘change is not always easy’ when needed capital is not readily available. Our financial model takes businesses from where they are, be it a startup or establish tenure business to where they want to be. We are able to help companies of all sizes respond to industry growth and capital injection transitions in order to stay competitive. Our years of experience have taught us to always make your business success our priority. Our teams of experts are ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving but thriving in the future with the necessary profit sharing for R&D, site purchase, start-up and full development to the end user. We examine what organizations are doing to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world, and which ones are doing it best. We use integrative strategies, smart tools and global resources in order to understand the implications of every choice our clients can make. At Experienced Holdings, we understand there is a more versatile, cost efficient debt instrument that provides added flexibility for our Clients than many other forms of traditional capitalization. See how EH can suggest a capital structured program to reduce your cost that falls to your bottom line. If non-recourse capital (NRC) injection is what you seek, our consultant team can help you qualify. We are ready willing and able (RWA) to assist you today. Give us a call to set up your free consultation.

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