Our mission is global as we support the sustainable renewable energy platform as promoted by “The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and over 180 Countries. Sustainable, renewable energy for a better planet is inclusive of oceanic, solar and wind energy, geothermal, hydropower, and bioenergy. To that end, we have adopted 100% “KINETIC ENERGY” as we race into the future. We work with public, private and quasi-government entities to optimize economic business growth. As senior level executives our consultants have unique and specialized skill sets. We combine traditional and innovative strategies which produce measurable results. Please, consider our, "asset structured management services (ASMS)" as part your consulting team. We are the alternative resource to structure your transactions with optimal ability. Our administrative services include business strategic planning, site selection, medical, record, financial project and general consultive services. We are IRS, DOD, DLA, CAGE Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services Certified. .


Optimal financing is a valuable tool for public and private businesses alike. Good financing helps drive growth when projects get funded. Our strategic valuations addressing the financial needs in the public sector are well noted and documented throughout each undertaking. Transparency and accountability is the hallmark of a successful management project. Under good governance, green technology can prove to be lucrative for all communities. EHL is committed to pledging 80% and more of its resources to green technology for sustainability including “Kinetic energy” in the form of electric vehicles (EV’s). Additionally, we seek to support those designated opportunity zones (OZs) and small communities which have yet to recover from ongoing disasters. EHL participates in the process to speed up the financial delivery systems. We support local municipalities with their disaster relief and infrastructure for complete rural and urban redevelopment.

What We DO

To mitigate risk we have in place the proprietary platform and physical collateral secured by securities in our trust account as well as cash, and stock, with price insurance and or USD equivalent crypto-currency to principally protect any of our client’s public and or private municipal under takings. Our primary areas of interest are Southeastern United states from Texas to North Carolina and America’s boarders and territories’. When it comes to debt structured management (DSM), we provide a reasonable alternative for our principal profit-sharing solutions (PSS). We tailor short and long term structured services providing transparency, experience, expertise and platform help grow your community. We provide consulting for public, private partnership management skills and systems for jobs creation, real time urban expansion, green foot-printing, infrastructure development and transportation sustainable economic energy needs.


Companies are seeking innovative ways to address today’s renewable energy investment challenges. As tax credits and capital gains challenges soar into the trillions; EHL provides the solutions for clients, public and private seeking renewable resources and technologies that drive down energy emissions well in the coming decade. The unknown future is a global event that must be prepared for. With insightful testing tools and systems in place, we can pave the way. Ascribing to the global mandate 2030 plan, Experienced Holdings, its associates and collaborative partners are ‘all in’ and lead the charge for renewable resource without leaving a carbon footprint. Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS) 118685183 Unique Entity ID: `Q8KLR6KAMJQ2 CAGE Code Number: 9BQ88 NAICS Primary 541611*111419*531390*624230*541320 Certified with the DOD, DLA, Homeland Security, IRS and US State Department.